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Experiental Workshops

Music opens the heart as nothing else can

We work with music as the “common denominator” or “third pole”. In facilitated conversations, we will wholeheartedly share the feelings and emotions that comes forward when we listen to music. The music creates a safezone where everybody can feel comfortable in the explorations of their own curiosity x vulnerability x courage.

Each participant chooses the music he or she wants to play and work with. No previous music skills are necessary - just the ability to listen to and be moved by the music you choose. And to listen actively to music chosen by others. Have a listen to the music that inspired other authentic leaders.

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An opportunity to reconnect, to establish interpersonal safezones, to renew relations and to heighten and consolidate trust in a team or group.

Through gentle music interventions, the participants reveal preciously hidden sides of themselves in a trusting environment, creating a solid foundation for effective teamwork.

For well functioning teams who wants to take it to the next level.

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Ground Zero

Clean the slate, start over, build something up again, establish a psychological safezone, reboot the team. Create common goals, clarify challenging issues, enable commitment and delivery. Using music as a common denominator, we create long-lasting relationships.

For newly assembled teams, onboarding, mergers new beginnings and for teams who may be in crisis or need conflict resolvement.

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When the sun is in your eyes, you don’t see your own shadow. Shadowcoaching has many forms and many applications - a common thread is to have a look at the flip side of the coin, to get to know the shadow side of your own personality and to be more aware of choices you make.

For the leader in search of a wholehearted alternative (or supplement) to coaching, executive coaching, mentoring or sparring. For individuals or groups.

Please note that these workshops and services are examples. My workshops are developed to fit the individual needs of your team or organization.

Bring your true self to work

While we are all authentic to a certain level, when choosing to work actively on our authenticity, most of us can usually bring it to another level. And the results show in our work. In these experiental workshops, we explore how your authenticity can elevate you as a leader together with your teams performance. We do this by working with the formula for authenticity: curiosity x vulnerability x courage.


Trust is an organizational dimension begging to be improved. Every service is focused on improving different aspects of organizational trust. This optimizes a key dimension that can substantially grow profits and enhance the work climate - culture. To create trust, we must be authentic: Honest, believable, wholehearted, embracing both strenghts and vulnerabilities. Higher levels of trust promotes cooperative behavior among colleagues and reduces social frictions, and trust improves the triple bottom line: it is good for colleagues, improves KPIs, and strengthens communities. (see full explanation).

The authenticity formula

The original meaning of the word “authentic” comes from Greek authentikos "original, genuine, principal”, from authentes "one acting on one's own authority." Our formula is

Authenticity = Curiosity x Vulnerability x Courage


helps you to

  • Connect with the hidden themes defining your outcomes

  • Turn defensiveness into exploration

  • Discover the true drivers of your leadership


enables you to

  • Be transparent about challenging issues

  • Facilitate whole-person growth

  • Become more resilient as a leader


is the basis for

  • Achieving what you envision with integrity

  • Making profound change - incremental and exponential

  • Inspiring others to be brave and creative


As an organization in the Municipality of Odense, we have been very pleased to work with Asger in connection with a group development process. Asger is able to meet, watch and use the participants’ feedback along the way. At the same time, he is able to move the process forward so that we reach the finish line. It takes place at eye level, it is unpretentious and then it gives energy. We still use our “common platform” every week! I can give Asger my best recommendations if you want to move on - together.
— Birgit Pedersen, Chief of Webservices, Odense Municipality