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Authentic Leaders

You already have the strongest leadership tool ever invented.

It’s you.

The real you.


The world is changing and leaders are changing too

Digitalization, globalization and innovation are rapidly changing the world. Leaders are constantly confronted with new demands.

Navigating the Big Why, Purpose, Engagement, Employee Experience, Culture Transformation and Motivating generation X-Y-Z while keeping tabs on Customer-Centric Experience, AI, Big Data and Embracing Frequent Change put high demands on you as a leader.

You need the best tools you can get.

Bring yourself to work - be authentic

Trust can be measured and is a dimension of business begging to be improved. Research by Daniel Goleman, Patrick Lencioni, Brené Brown and Google Re:Work shows us that trust, psychological safety and company culture are key aspects that can substantially grow results and profits.

Authentic Leaders earns trust, heighten the psychological safety of their teams, affecting company culture.

Music and self-awareness as a gateway to authenticity

Our method is simple and effective: We acknowledge curiosity, vulnerability and courage as essential tools in the development of authentic leadership. By listening to and responding to music, we explore our capacity for being more curious, expressing our vulnerability appropriately and leading with courage.

Be a pioneer

As Authentic Leaders, we must lead the way by example.

By training our self-awareness, relational transparency and balanced processing we own and evolve our authenticity. We encourage team performance by promoting trust in the group or organization - knowing it starts with ourselves and works its way down.

See experiental workshops that Authentic Leaders use to implement authenticity in organizations - or simply contact me so I can assist you in choosing the best workshop for your organization.


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Asger is good at un-boxing people - and that’s one of the most important things we should be able to do. Most companies are boxing people as the business grows, and getting back into the relation is important. That’s what Asger does. He looks at the whole person and makes him or her grow.
— Stine Schulz, LearningBank


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