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Asger Steenholdt

Facilitator & founder

Seeing a growing need for leaders who are authentic and able to bring the whole self to work, I founded Authentic Leaders.

I believe a leader must have an ongoing process of reflection and re-examination of his or her own strengths, weaknesses, and values. The leader must share his or her own thoughts and beliefs, and be able to show emotions in a balanced way. The leader must develop integrative thinking and understand the value of opposing viewpoints, and come to an acceptance of the loss of of control which is enevitable in a fast paced world.

Through 30 years as a professional musician in both rock and ambient music settings, I have honed my skills in leadership, team development, innovation and entrepreneurship. As a composer, I have been at the core of the development of a product winning Danish Design Award (2018) and German Design Award (2019).

As an experienced, passionate leadership developer, workshop facilitator, public speaker, teambuilder and coach I have developed workshops for Authentic Leaders.

How do I think?

I believe that what makes leaders excel and what makes a band hit is the passion that drives them. The ability to be creative and the understanding that creativity thrives when people dare to make mistakes - not when they’re afraid of them - is important. Music is in many ways a shortcut to get hold of your feeling and values, and is at the core of my work with Authentic Leaders.

Music is inherently a team effort, and having played in very diverse settings, my knowledge af how the team and leadership interacts in different music genres is highly developed.


I have worked with leadership development, facilitated workshops, taught, coached and held seminars to companies like ATP, Banedanmark, BEC, Board Governance, C4, CPH Business, The Danish Army, Dansk Artist Forbund, Dansk Metal, DJBFA, Domea, DPA, DR, DTU, Edlund, Egmont, FOSS, KMD, Learningbank, Lederforeningen, Lego, Lundbeck NETS, Niels Brock, Nielsen, Qualiware, Red Cross, Santander, Sonic College, TDC and Zenit Consult.

Others tell me that I bring an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that moves leaders and teams towards holistic and creative solutions.

What Asger brings to the table is a gentle, yet very challenging method. Even though you show your true feelings and anxieties, you feel safe at all times, and you leave enlightened, with a clear path for your next steps.
— Eva Maria Knudsen, Special Digitization Consultant at Odense Municipality

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  • Network Director (MusicBusiness 2020)

  • Vice President (Danish Artist Union)

  • Process Consultant (Lindeblad)

  • Concept Developer (inmuTouch)

  • Board Member (Gramex, Danish Artist Union)

  • Steering Group Member (Danish Sound Network)

  • Workshop Facilitator (Triangulus)

  • Public Speaker (Triangulus)

  • Coach (C4, Triangulus)

  • Composer (Rock, Ambient, WelfareTech, Theatre)

  • Musical Director (Caroline Henderson, Dr. Dante)

  • Platinum Selling Musician (Big Fat Snake)


  • Productive Thinking - De Bono Six Thinking Hats (Certified Trainer)

  • Creative Conceptualizing - KunstGreb (Practitioner)

  • Conflict Resolvement - Mediationcenter Copenhagen (Practitioner)

  • Hypnotherapist - Strachotta Hypnose (Certified Practitioner)

  • Healer - ReikiDenmark (Reiki level 1 & 2)

  • Bassist - Musicians Institute (Vocational with Honors), Rhythmic Conservatory of Copenhagen